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Profile Cutting

Profile cutting done by Plasma Cutting. South End Scaffolding do profile cutting including the design drawing and nesting of products. Profile Cutting done from 0.05mm up to 16mm. We have trained staff to assist with drawings as well as design.

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Looking for welding services in Cape Town? Why not get in touch with South End Scaffolding? We have established ourselves as a market leader in all kinds of welding services. We are specialists in our field and can provide you with a wide range of on-site industrial services.

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Profile Bending

South End Scaffolding has an extensive range of modern profile bending machinery. We are a specialist in the bending of different dimensions of tube and pipe profile. Our bending solutions have contributed to the progress of our clients’ product development.

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Profile Punching

South End Scaffolding specialises, not only in profile cutting and supplying scaffolding, but also in CNC punching services.

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Thread Rolling

South End Scaffolding owns advanced thread rolling machines that ensure smooth rolling of metal sheets. The end result is the uniform external thread form of the metal (generally steel or aluminium). 

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Guillotine Cutting

At South End Scaffolding, we use advanced cutting equipment which is handled by trained professionals, ensuring high-quality cutting. Our services are not only cost-effective but also highly efficient. The cutting tools that we use have high carbon steel blades which produce impeccable results.

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