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Profile Punching

Profile Punching

CNC Punching Services

South End Scaffolding specialises, not only in profile cutting and supplying scaffolding, but also in CNC punching services.

Computer Numerically Controlled or CNC punching utilises CNC punch presses to manufacture sheet metal. The CNC punching machines we own are accurate and can punch holes of varying sizes. Different shapes like dimples, rounds, ob-rounds, circles, squares and rectangles can also be formed, as per as your requirements.

In order to speed up the process, we often punch holes in the sheet metal in a single set-up. Our CNC punching machines are designed to hold up to 60 tools in the turret.  The turret is rotated easily to position the tool accurately for punching the sheet.

We use the latest range of CNC punching machine available in our factory in Cape Town that can also fold small tabs and tap threads. Due to modern technology, the machines have the ability to punch sheared edges without leaving behind any tool marks. Although a CNC punch might lack the flexibility of a laser machine (used for cutting compound shapes), it is perfect for making repetitive shapes at a higher speed.

Established in 2011, we have experienced workmen who will meet all your requirements regarding CNC punching services. The products typically include non-slip walkways, flanges, custom shaped brackets and perforation.

For more information regarding CNC punching services, simply email us at info@southendscaffolding.co.za