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Supply Areas

South Africa

South End Scaffolding, a pioneer in supplying scaffolding products in Cape Town is now one of the leading suppliers in South Africa. Our experience in this industry for over 15 years has been crucial in our expansion projects. We have a reliable network of transport of scaffolding products and accessories. Some parts of South Africa, like the Cape Peninsula region, receive FREE DELIVERY services. South End Scaffolding provides Kwikstage scaffolding, Heavy duty props, Couplers and Self-lock scaffolding. We are strict followers of SABS standards when it comes to our services- plasma cutting, profile bending and welding.

Western Cape

Cape Town’s Leading Scaffolding Supplier South End Scaffolding has just launched a massive roll out to the rest of South Africa, however this does not mean that there are no perks of being in Cape Town. South End Scaffolding, the renowned scaffolding supplier in Cape Town offers FREE DELIVERY of all scaffolding products and services to the Cape Peninsula. South End Scaffolding manufactures all scaffolding products in-house and guarantees the most competitive prices you have come to know and appreciate. All scaffolding products are manufactured in accordance with the strict SABS standards and prices are within a budget to suit all your building requirements.

Northern Cape

Cape Town’s Leading scaffolding supplier is proud to announce that we are now servicing the Northern Cape! Bringing the best quality Scaffolding that Cape Town has to offer, to Kimberly and surrounds. South End Scaffolding stocks a wide range of scaffolding products, including kwikstage scaffolding. The renowned formwork supplier, South End Scaffolding, will be supplying their full range of scaffolding products in Kimberly and surrounds, as well as our additional services, such as plasma cutting, tig welding, mig welding and much more. Southend Scaffolding manufactures all their products in strict accordance with the SABS standards, providing high quality scaffolding as competitive prices in South Africa. All items that are not in stock, are manufactured on request. South End Scaffolding are leaders in the Industry, as well as in pricing.

Eastern Cape

South End Scaffolding, Cape Town’s Leading Scaffolding supplier is offering services to the Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas. South End Scaffolding is doing a nationwide roll out of all scaffolding products in South Africa and are now suppling our wide range of scaffolding products in Port Elizabeth. South End Scaffolding are leaders in the industry offering in-house manufacturing of scaffolding products and services including plasma cutting, tig welding and mig welding. All of our scaffolding is built within strict accordance of the SABS standards, and we offer competitive pricing across the board. South End Scaffolding is renowned for their top-quality products and service within the scaffolding industry. Do not hesitate to get a quotation today!

International Countries

South End Scaffolding has recently expanded its branches to various parts of Europe and rest of Africa. We, at South End Scaffolding, are certified to export the scaffolding products and accessories. We supply Base Jacks, Hook on Boards and Kwikstage Scaffolding. Our services include tig welding, mig welding, plasma cutting and profile bending. The staffs of South End Scaffolding expertly handle all the manufacturing processes. All of our products are built according to the SABS standards. Our success at efficient delivery of scaffolding products and quality services has made us a leading scaffolding manufacturer in Cape Town as well as South Africa.