Royal Court Slot Machine Review

Royal Court slot machine from Red Rake Gaming – a striking example of carefully thought-out functionality and loyalty to users. Web-applications from Spanish developer RRG distinguished by a high-quality graphics, animation and sound effects. Thanks to an innovative approach to the creation of slots, the company’s products are recognizable for their convenience – the interface harmoniously combines the control panel and information elements.

The company has spent a long time tweaking the mathematics to find the golden mean for the value of RTP. The percentage of return in this video poker is 99.78% – significantly higher than analogues of other developers.

Features of Royal Court

This game is a modification of a popular variety of five-card poker – Jacks and higher. The difference from the classic version – increased payouts for a square on jacks, queens and kings. The user bets money, gets five cards, and after the exchange is determined by his combination. There is no dealer, so any deal from a pair of jacks or higher is paid.

The machine allows you to play one or more hands in one round – up to 50. Their number is set in the Hands field. For each additional hand the player is charged one Bet. If he bet 1€ and selected 25 lines, 25€ will be deducted from the balance. In this case, the hand is paid at the main bet. The winnings are calculated separately for each hand and added to the total payout.

The program is cross-platform. You can play online in Royal Court free demo mode in the browser on your computer and mobile devices. When playing from a phone, it is recommended to convert the screen to landscape format.

The appearance of the gaming machine

Red Rake Gaming traditionally provides maximum comfort for the user. On the left side of the interface is a table with the names of layouts. Instead of the usual multipliers it displays the size of the potential winnings. They are calculated on the basis of the player’s bet. In case of several identical combinations, the number of winning hands is shown in front of the name of the deal. To open the table with the odds, you need to press the I button.

Play online slot can be in an accelerated mode – activated by a button in the form of a lightning bolt. The application instantly opens the cards on the lines and determines the combinations. The Auto hold option allows you to enable or disable automatic card hold. Clicking on the button with three dashes, located in the lower left corner, opens access to the rules and a description of the functions – the Help tab. Next to it you will find a speaker icon to control the sound effects.

Rules of the game

After selecting the size Bet and the number of lines, you must click on Deal. The user receives five cards for each hand. On the main line they are dealt in the open, and the rest in the closed. If a winning combination is made from the deal, it is highlighted by the Hold marker – these cards remain in the exchange. The user can change the application choice – remove the markers or put new ones. To do this, it is necessary to click on a card – it will open in all lines and will be held for all hands.

Exchange of cards is offered if the composed combination can be strengthened. It is made for free. When the Draw button is pressed, unmarked cards are exchanged for new ones. The result of the exchange is different for each hand – there may be the same or different layouts. The machine determines combinations, line payouts and total winnings. Bets, made on hands, which do not have a winning layout, lose.

The player can take a risk and increase the prize by pressing the Gamble button. On the left are two buttons – Red and Black. When choosing the right color, the winnings are doubled. On the right offers to guess the suit and multiply the payout by four times. If the answer is wrong, the user loses money. In case of success, the next attempt is given, but it can be abandoned by closing the window with a risky game.

Royal Court combinations

Classic poker combinations and the rules of their composition are valid. The square (four of the same rank) is divided into several types. If it is assembled from the king’s cards (Jack, Queen, King), it is paid at an increased odd – from x40. In the classic version of this discipline, a multiplier of x25 is applied for it.