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At South End Scaffolding,  we supply scaffolding to the following countries around the world:

South Africa








New Zealand

America - Texas

All products are manufactured as Heavy Duty and manufactured in strict accordance with SABS Standards with no variations at all. All materials used are the correct size and thickness and are supplied by reputable suppliers and is graded and load tested. All products have got the necessary stamps . All our welders and machine operators have the necessary welding certificates and are trade tested. All Products is quality checked by our supervisors to ensure correct manufacturing procedures as well as correct welding procedures. We do have on site health and safety officers that assist with safety and quality checks. We do have systems in place to ensure the correct rectifying actions in case of standards that are not correct. We do export to various countries which include Namibia, Botswana, New Zealand as well as North and South America. We would like to ensure you that only the best standards and procedures are followed in the manufacturing of our products