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Guillotine Cutting

Guillotine Cutting

At South End Scaffolding, we use advanced cutting equipment which is handled by trained professionals, ensuring high-quality cutting. Our services are not only cost-effective but also highly efficient. The cutting tools that we use have high carbon steel blades which produce impeccable results. What’s more, our professionals can customise the cuts based on your designs to cater to your unique requirements.

Regular profile cutting methods may not yield you the best results. For more precise cuts, you can use more advanced options like guillotine cutting, which can shear hard materials up to 20mm thick. Recognised for high cutting accuracy, guillotine cutting deploys a broad range of cutting-edge tools which guarantee optimum quality cutting.

Equipment Used in Guillotine Cutting

At South End Scaffolding, our operators work with a broad range of cutting-edge equipment including Guillotine Cutters and Plasma Cutters.

When it comes to high-quality guillotine cutting services, we are a leading name in the industry, equipped with all up-to-date cutting tools, which guarantee highly precise cuts. What’s more, our operators strictly adhere to standards set by SABS, and are trained to cut materials to any requested size.

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