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Thread Rolling

Thread Rolling

South End Scaffolding owns advanced thread rolling machines that ensure smooth rolling of metal sheets. The end result is the uniform external thread form of the metal (generally steel or aluminium). Massive quantities of thread rolling are nowadays required, especially in the case of construction. South End Scaffolding has over a decade of experience in providing competitive and quality thread rolling services.

The thread rolling process has been in existence for over a hundred years and is generally used to create thread forms of ductile metal.  It is a cold forging process. Therefore, the metal can be easily passed through the thread rolling machine in order to reduce the thickness and make the metal uniform.

The thread rolling process is energy- efficient and maintains the quality of the material. When compared to the cutting services, thread rolling services are a step ahead. The advantages of the thread rolling process over the cutting process are listed below:

  • More accurate
  • Uniform and smooth surface quality
  • An improved appearance
  • The material can withstand corrosion, jamming and fatigue better.

The high-quality machines used by South End Scaffolding assure controlled torques which results in greater precision and consistent results.

South End Scaffolding also provides the following services to their customers:

  • Profile Bending
  • Profile Cutting
  • Welding
  • Profile Punching
  • Guillotine Cutting

For more information regarding thread rolling services, simply email us at info@southendscaffolding.co.za