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The Value of Heavy-Duty Base Jacks

All base-jacks and props are not created equal. Base jacks are such an integral part of any scaffolding tower, we encourage our clients to choose quality products that will guarantee safe and secure scaffolding. At South End Scaffolding we manufacture true heavy duty base jacks and props that conform to SABS standards. Our clients range from large construction firms and installation companies to smaller businesses that do home maintenance and renovations. For years they have relied on our Self-lock and Kwikstage scaffolding systems, including the durable base jacks we manufacture.

The Purpose of Base Jacks

Whether for home-use or construction, you want scaffolding that can be easily adjusted and will remain level on any surface. This is why you need sturdy base jacks underneath your scaffolding tower. Base jacks go on the bottom of a tower and are used to adjust the height of your scaffolding. This is especially convenient when one project requires you to reach different heights and saves you the trouble of erecting more than one scaffolding tower.

All of our base jacks are easily adjustable. They allow you to adjust not only the height of your scaffolding, but also its position. Scaffolding towers often have to be erected on uneven surfaces. Adjustable base jacks make this possible by enabling you to adjust the height of each one until your tower is level.

Why Choose Heavy-Duty Base Jacks

When shopping around for base jacks, you’ll most likely find ones with a 6.35mm thread. South End Scaffolding boasts a unique offering in this regard. Unlike our competitors, we manufacture base jacks that have a 7mm thread. This makes them thicker and, therefore, able to carry more weight. They are also thread-rolled, which is significant as this guarantees harder and stronger base-jacks.

Here are additional benefits of producing threads by rolling them:

  • Material is not wasted by cutting
  • Roll forming hardens the metal through the cold rolling process
  • Roll forming produces a favourable grain structure to strengthen the part with respect to its function

Choosing a Reputable Supplier

You definitely want high weight-bearing base jacks for your scaffolding tower. Opting for a weaker product will impair the safety and versatility of your scaffolding system. The fact that our base jacks and props remain top-sellers is a credit to their strength and durability. Because we supply scaffolding to construction projects that require heavy duty products, all of our base jacks must be able to support towers that carry heavy-weight materials such as steel and timber.

We manufacture the exact the same products for clients with less demanding scaffolding needs. This means that your home maintenance project will benefit from the same high-quality scaffolding products that a building site would use, including heavy duty base jacks at an affordable price.

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