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Self-lock and Kwikstage Scaffolding

South End Scaffolding manufactures both Self-lock and Kwikstage scaffolding systems. Both offer sturdy, reliable support and are manufactured by certified staff at our Cape Town workshop. When calling for a quote, your project requirements will determine which scaffolding system is best suited to your needs. Understanding the difference between the two enables our clients to make an informed purchase.

Self-Lock Scaffolding

Popular for its quick assembly, this lightweight scaffolding system is often purchased by clients doing building maintenance, renovations, electrical work and installations. Our castor wheels make these versatile towers conveniently mobile, so perfect for décor projects such as plastering, painting and roof repairs. Working on an uneven surface? This is not a problem since our castor wheels are adjustable, guaranteeing a steady tower.

Self-lock scaffolding towers are easy to assemble and dismantle. When purchasing a tower for your project, your purchase will include the Self-lock frame, knee brace and couplers to secure your tower, tie bars for the bottom of your tower to prevent it from folding open and for the top of your tower as a safety railing. Four tie bars are needed per tower.

Self-lock hook on boards provide a secure platform to stand on. We manufacture these in different sizes to accommodate various projects. To utilise this decking system, your tower will require hook on ladders and toe boards, which encloses your platform to prevent items from falling on anyone beneath the tower.

Kwikstage Scaffolding

This scaffolding system would not ordinarily be purchased for home-use. An industrial scaffolding system, it’s commonly purchased by construction and engineering firms. However, if your project requires more heavy-duty frames, this tubular scaffolding system will provide additional stability at greater heights. Even though a Kwikstage system is stronger than Self-Lock scaffolding, in order to accommodate large building construction, it still offers excellent mobility as well as simple assembly and dismantling.

Kwikstage scaffolding is also comprised of different parts to Self-lock systems. These include Kwikstage standards and ledgers, hook on ladders designed for heavy loads and hook on boards that are manufactured specifically for Kwikstage systems and thus differ from the Self-Lock hook on boards. You would also need base jacks, which go at the bottom of the tower for vertical height adjustment.

Scaffolding Accessories

South End Scaffolding supplies everything required for your Self-lock or Kwikstage scaffolding system, including ladder beams, trapdoors, couplers and other scaffolding accessories. All of our products are conform to SABS standards and are priced to guarantee the best deal on scaffolding in Cape Town.

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