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An Essential Aspect of Construction

Formwork is nothing other than the steel mould into which concrete is poured to build or repair a building. Our formwork is manufactured from steel and can be easily fixed and taken down once the work is completed.
We have gained popularity as scaffolding suppliers as well as formwork suppliers in and around Cape Town. Southend Scaffolding provides every different type of formwork required for construction.
We, at Southend Scaffolding, supply steel formwork for concrete construction. Being specialised in scaffolding engineering, we ensure that the formwork is constructed from quality grade steel (as per the industry rules). It consists of thin steel plates that are stiffened by small steel angles at the edges. A steel formwork can be easily constructed and dismantled. It can be reused and lasts longer than a plywood or timber formwork. It does not absorb moisture from concrete, in addition, steel formwork doesn’t shrink or wrap.

We supply:
• Wall formwork
• Column formwork
• Slab formwork
• Climbing systems
• Special formwork
• Accessories for formwork

For more information regarding formwork, simply email us at info@southendscaffolding.co.za