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No Scaffolding Project Too Big or Small

Scaffolding supplies are required by countless industries. It never seizes to amaze us at South End Scaffolding the diverse clientele we serve. As a scaffolding manufacturer in Cape Town, we are proud to see our towers erected at sites around the city.

Our Clients

Among our valued clients we have several large construction and engineering firms. Their work is showcased nationwide, from high-rise buildings and residential estates to hospitals and heritage sites. That said, many of our clients fall outside the construction industry. If you require scaffolding accessories for a unique project, rest assured South End Scaffolding can manufacture or source what you need. We supply export, lighting, décor, catering and events companies in and around Cape Town, to name but a few.

Expert Advice

We regularly receive enquiries from first-time buyers who require a scaffolding tower for a small or once-off project. Fortunately, Gerhard Saaiman is able to advise on any project, drawing on his years of experience. Gerhard opened South End Scaffolding in 2011, but started his career long before that, manufacturing bespoke steel products for companies and individuals. Choosing from our range of Self-Lock and Kwikstage scaffolding products, we’re equipped to guide every client from the ground up, so to speak.

Protecting Yourself and Your Team

With safety being our top priority, all of our scaffolding products conform to SABS standards. Cutting corners or making an honest mistake can result in serious injury and even cost lives. This is why it’s so important that small businesses and private individuals take the same precautions bigger companies would. Anyone planning to use scaffolding for a project should do so with the right equipment and necessary knowledge to protect themselves and their team. Our clients have access to expert advice on erecting scaffolding towers that will ensure the safety of their team. What’s more, our aftersales service means that you’re welcome to call us any time for further consultation.

Quality Across the Board

At South End Scaffolding we don’t have one standard for large construction companies and another for our everyday walk-in clients. No matter what the size of your project, all of our scaffolding products are manufactured with a guarantee of durability. No one wants to spend money on scaffolding material that’s only good for one project. This is what sets us apart from our competitors. We will not drop our product quality in order make a sale. Instead, we guarantee you value for money. Both our Kwikstage and Self-Lock scaffolding systems, plus all the scaffolding accessories we supply, will provide you with safe and dependable use over a reasonable length of time. This is why large construction and engineering firms choose South End Scaffolding to supply their sites with scaffolding in Cape Town.

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