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In it for the Long Haul

When I started South End Scaffolding in 2011, I only dreamt of the company it is today. Anyone who owns a business will understand the long hours of hard work that preceded our success. But does it end there?

Every so often it’s possible to draw inspiration from clients like Longworth and Faul. Johan Louw started this company from his home in 1966. I wonder if he envisioned the formidable force it would become in the construction industry. Now, 53 years later, Longworth and Faul boasts a competitive firm of builders and engineering contractors with hospitals, tertiary institutions, retail developments and residential estates solidifying their reputation in the industry.

Looking ahead, my vision for South End Scaffolding is far greater than it was 8 years ago. If today’s success overshadows our humble beginnings, the future success and longevity of our company is something we can look forward to.

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