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Beyond Our Shores

Our diverse clientele and the fascinating work they do never ceases to amaze us here at South End Scaffolding. Zedcore, a Cape Town based export company, recently purchased scaffolding supplies from us. Perhaps what’s most fascinating about Zedcore is not that they export South African goods, but where they export our local brands to.


From car parts to excess baggage, businesses and private individuals make use of Zedcore’s procurement and logistical services to transport goods to remote island communities in the South Atlantic and Indian oceans. St Helena Island, Ascension Island and Mahe Island (Seychelles) are among their destinations.


Like South End Scaffolding, Zedcore is a family business run by a close-knit, dedicated team. We recognise in them the same passion for service and quality that we strive for. It’s certainly exciting to see our scaffolding products serve markets far and wide. This company gives new meaning to going the extra mile, something our clients at South End Scaffolding have come to depend on.


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